Planning a Kid’s Halloween Party

When it comes to one of the most decorated holidays of the year, Halloween, planning a party for your kids Halloween Party may be a great alternative than going house to house. is a team of party experts who understands everything that you need for your next New York kids Halloween party. Allow them to bring the fun to you as your children play with their friends and engage with a variety of costumed performers. Choosing a theme will help limit the endless options that the professional entertainment company can offer you.

First things first

When planning your Halloween bash, make sure that you decide on the best Halloween themed characters to hire. Of course, a witchy character themed party is the first thing that comes to mind. Next scare-tacular character idea would be ghost character rental.

Themed party ideas to bring your spooky party to the next level!

Here are some Frighteningly fantastic tips for a ghoulishly good Halloween bash for the little ones:

Spooky decor: Set the scene with orange, purple, and black streamers, and pumpkins galore. Hang fake spider webs and fake spiders all over the place! 🕸️ How about setting up some fake tombstones in the yard and maybe add some fog machines for an awesome eerie effect. A few well-placed jack-o’-lanterns wouldn’t hurt either!

Yummy treats: Serve up some creepy-crawly cupcakes, monster munch mix, slime-colored punch and Witch fingers (also known as pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and covered in almond slivers)! Kids also love Mummy dogs (hot dogs uncarefully wrapped in crescent roll “bandages” and baked).

Freaky fun: Plan games like “Pin the Fang on the Vampire” or a “Candy Corn Toss.” –

Costume contest: Craft some creeptastic categories that’ll have your guests shrieking with delight! Like funniest costume, scariest costume, most ghoulishly ingenious, or even best pet costume if animals attending. (because why should the humans have all the fun?)

To make it extra fun, have a panel of judges vote on the winners and award prizes like candy, Halloween decorations, or even a grand prize like a gift card.

Here’s event more creep-tastic Halloween party ideas & suggestions:

Haunted storytelling: Have a costume-clad adult spin a spooky tale by candlelight.

Ghostly crafts: Make creepy slime or haunted handprint art.

Scary scavenger hunt: Hide clues throughout the house (or party venue) for a hair-raising treasure hunt.

“Thriller” dance-off: Blast the classic tune (with strobe lights and have a dance-off.

When it comes to Halloween kid’s Entertainment, has you covered with activities, Halloween songs, interactive games and other types of entertainment. The children will love balloon twisting or face painting at your next fun Halloween party.

Servicing the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Staten island and Westchester County, they are ready to fulfill any theme or ideas you may have for your next All Hallows Eve celebration. We even have cotton candy that can be distributed along with all of the candy associated with the holiday.

Looking for something a little different? A magic show is a great way to entertain your guests. This show reveals a live bunny at the end of the performance. Children will have a chance to pet the rabbit at the end of the act. Ultimately, is the one-stop shop for all things Halloween party entertainment related. When you’re planning your next Halloween party in New York, consider the experts at To learn more about what they can offer you, call 516-577-0000 today.