Five Tips for Renting a Bounce House for Your Childs Party

Want to throw a Bounce House party that will be a blast for both adults and children?  Think about renting a bounce house for your end of summer bash!   Here are five tips to consider when renting a bounce house:

  1. It’s important to decide which size, type, and theme of bounce house to rent.  It’s also good to have an idea ahead of time as to how many kids will be attending.  These guidelines should be helpful:
    1. A 17×17 size will hold 10-20 children.
    2. A 21×17 size with an 18-foot slide will hold 15-30 children.
    3. An obstacle course that is 40 feet long will accommodate 30 or more children plus any adults who want in on the fun.
  2. In addition to the obstacle course-type bounce house, another type to consider is a water slide bounce house.  Also, be aware that there are a variety of colors and cartoon character themes from which to choose.  Don’t worry about being too overwhelmed with choices:  any kids who will be attending would love to help with these decisions!
  3. The next step in renting a bounce house is to find and measure a location for the bounce house.  Where is the best place to set up the bounce house?  Is there room in the backyard, or is the front or side yard a better spot?  Once you’ve determined the best place, take measurements to be sure that the bounce house you’ve selected will safely fit in that area.
  4. A point to keep in mind is that there will be an air pump attached to the bounce house.  Because of this, another tip is to be sure that you have access from an electrical outlet to the bounce house.  It may be necessary to have an extension cord on hand too, so be sure to have one just in case!
  5. Finally, once you’ve decided on the size, type, and location of the bounce house, be sure that any rocks, branches, or other objects are cleared away from your designated spot.  This way, once the bounce house arrives it can be laid out and placed on a smooth, flat surface.  This is important to keep the kids safe and to keep anything from puncturing the bounce house.

Your Labor Day Party should be fun and relaxing!  Having a bounce house at your party would not only be fun for the kids and keep them entertained, but the parents will appreciate how quickly their kids fall asleep that evening after expending all that energy!

About is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated Kids Entertainment & Party rental company. With over 15 years of experience, they are fully licensed and insured. They are the official vendor for New York Department of Education & Licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Proudly serves Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Bergen, NJ, Fairfield, CT

Spring into Easter & Celebrate!

Easter and Passover are just a few weeks away–and it’s the perfect time to get together with family and friends to reflect and celebrate. has everything you need to prepare for your event, whether you’re looking to organize the ultimate egg hunt or host a family-friendly dinner party. From small gatherings to spring blowouts, we can accommodate just about any party! Check out some of our favorite ways to celebrate the season.

Bring in a special guest

Make the most of your spring celebration with a special visit from the Easter bunny, or one of your child’s other favorite fictional characters. Our certified children’s performers will help add a magical touch to your festivities. Many of the characters enter with their own personalized theme music, and are coordinated to a corresponding bounce house. Our characters aren’t just for show; they’ll dance, play games and take pictures with your guests, all party long. Let our performers delight and entertain–all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the party!

Make spring even sweeter

Nothing says spring like pastel colors and sweets–and if you’re looking for something a little more unique than passing out Peeps, then look no further than our cotton candy machines! Light and fluffy, this nostalgic treat is sure to delight party guests both young and old. Choose from a variety of different colors (pink, blue, green, and yellow), or consult with one of our representatives for a custom color package to match your party’s theme. The machine will be operated by one of our team members for a no-hassle experience.

Celebrate the season

Get out and play! Embrace warmer spring weather with outdoor fun and activities. We offer a wide variety of jump houses, inflatable slides and obstacle courses that will certainly wow your party guests. If you’re looking for even more opportunities to keep your guests entertained, consider a kids party package, which comes with a bubble and magic show, balloon twisting, face painting and more! Worried about potential spring showers? Consider our indoor bounce house for guaranteed weather proof fun.

Keep it simple

Skip the hassle of party planning and leave it up to our experts. At, we’ve got over fifteen years of party planning expertise. Consult with one of our representatives or choose one of our party packages–we’ll show up with everything you need to host the best spring bash!

TOP 5 Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Each and every Kids Halloween party will require different types of entertainment, depending on the theme, the guests and your particular vision for what the event will be.

Here are the TOP 5 Kids Halloween Party Ideas:

  1. Have kids come dressed in their preferred costume. This is the classic kids Halloween party.
  2. Hire Kids Entertainment, for example, has a Halloween Package that includes, two professional entertainers, one friendly witch and one friendly vampire, orange cotton candy, fog machines, scary Halloween music, games and sing along and a spooky magic show with a live rabbit. It’s a party you won’t soon forget.
  3. Halloween Movie Night, have the kids curl up and watch any of the Classics 1) Nightmare Before Christmas 2) Caroline 3) Harry Potter 4) Hocus Pocus 5) Corpse Bride 6) Beetlejuice 7) Casper the Friendly Ghost.
  4. Have a Halloween excursion, this could be to a local museum, local zoo or going to see Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns at Old Westbury.
  5. Art and Pumpkin Carving – you can get affordable supplies for some arts and craft and carving some pumpkins.

No matter what you choose, kids and adults are sure to have a great time. is committed to making sure we meet all your party needs, they are your one-stop shop you need to make your next kids Halloween party in New York is a success.

Additional Kids Halloween Party Options

  1. Vampire & Witches
  2. Bounce houses
  3. Magic shows/Magicians
  4. Face painting
  5. Temporary tattoos
  6. Balloon twisting/Clowns
  7. Characters such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Scooby Doo, & More
  8. Fairies
  9. Cotton candy
  10. Snow cone machine
  11. Popcorn machine

These are just some of the many entertainment options available from They can discuss with your theme, what you envision and make those things reality for you. They will offer games, interactive games and songs to entertain your guests thoroughly. Don’t stress the party planning aspect of your next Halloween party. Allow the experts at to take the reins and make your next party a success. To discuss their party packages or to ask a question about what they offer, call 516-577-0000 today.

About is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated Kids Entertainment & Party rental company. With over 15 years of experience, they are fully licensed and insured. They are the official vendor for New York Department of Education & Licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Proudly serves Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Bergen, NJ, Fairfield, CT

Planning a Kid’s Halloween Party

When it comes to one of the most decorated holidays of the year, Halloween, planning a party for your kids Halloween Party may be a great alternative than going house to house. is a team of party experts who understands everything that you need for your next New York kids Halloween party. Allow them to bring the fun to you as your children play with their friends and engage with a variety of costumed performers. Choosing a theme will help limit the endless options that the professional entertainment company can offer you.


When it comes to Halloween kids’ entertainment, Kids Entertainment has you covered with activities, songs, games and other types of entertainment. The children will love balloon twisting or face painting at your next fun Halloween party. Servicing the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Staten island and Westchester County, they are ready to fulfill any theme or ideas you may have for your next All Hallows Eve celebration. We even have cotton candy that can be distributed along with all of the candy associated with the holiday.

Looking for something a little different? A magic show is a great way to entertain your guests. This show reveals a live bunny at the end of the performance. Children will have a chance to pet the rabbit at the end of the act. Ultimately, is the one-stop shop for all things Halloween party entertainment related. When you’re planning your next Halloween party in New York, consider the experts at To learn more about what they can offer you, call 516-577-0000 today. Participates in Brooklyn Barclays Center Event, Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart

With a proven reputation for entertaining, the characters at have been given a great opportunity. Disney On Ice: Follow Your Heart has invited them to participate at their event at the Brooklyn Barclays Center. This year’s event includes character from Frozen, Inside Out, Finding Dory and Toy Story, just to name a few. The show focuses on celebrating friendship, magic and love.

Eventgoers will enjoy music and ice acrobatics during their many performances. Mickey and all his Disney friends offer endless memories for a lifetime. What’s great about this performance, and nearly any Disney one, is its focus on real life lessons. Kindness, perseverance and bravery are the main themes for this family-friendly ice show.

If you’re looking for an event that has heartfelt messages and teaches the true meaning of family while being great for all ages, Disney on Ice: Follow Your Heart at the Brooklyn Barclays Center is for you!

About is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated Kids Entertainment & Party rental company. With over 15 years of experience, they are fully licensed and insured. They are the official vendor for New York Department of Education & Licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Proudly serves Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Bergen, NJ, Fairfield, CT

Things to ask when you rent a party concession for kid’s parties

Throw a kid’s birthday party that goes beyond cake, ice cream, and party hats when you hire children’s entertainment.  Along with the performers, clowns, magicians, and party characters, add concessions like Snow cones, cotton candy, and buttery popcorn.  Before you hire any concession rentals in New York, here are a few things to consider.

  1. How many people can they feed? While kids party concessions are typically light snacks, make sure that whatever you order will be able to accommodate the whole group.  Whether you are throwing a backyard New York birthday party or a big neighborhood event, learn just how much these concessions can cover.
  2. What do you need to provide?  Find out in advance what the space requirements are so that you do not end up without any room for the popcorn cart in your living room.  Also learn any specifications regarding outlets, extension cords, and other similar requirements in advance so you can be ready.
  3. Who can eat it?  Make sure you know any allergy restrictions or dietary concerns so that each guest at your party will be taken care of.  The kids party equipment rental company should be able to inform you of any allergy and food concerns.
  4. Is it included with the package? Find out if the concession rental is included with your party package or if you need to add it on.

A concession stand for children’s parties is sure to delight your young party guests whether you serve fluffy cotton candy or frosty Snow cones.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire

When looking to plan the perfect kids’ birthday party, holiday or events, is the best option. There are ten distinct reasons why they are the best choice when planning a memorable experience for you and your party guests.

  1. Commitment to Excellence prides themselves on making each event perfect. They enjoy bringing a smile to everyone’s face and customize events to fit the wants and needs of each party.

  1. Experience

Established in 1995, has hosted countless events throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester County and the boroughs of New York. It is the oldest and largest kids’ entertainment company in all of New York.

  1. Hundreds of Themes to Choose From

With all these themes to choose from, whether it be sports, pirates, ninjas no one can tailor an event better then

  1. Hundreds of Characters

With countless characters from Disney to Nickelodeon from SpongeBob to Cinderella, there’s a character ready to entertain your kids at any type of event.

  1. Large Selection of Bounce House

A bounce house rental can be added to any event. It adds a little something to a special and keeps kids active throughout the party experience. has over 100 plus bounce houses, combo slides, water slides and obstacle courses.

  1. Concession Rentals

Looking to customize your party even more? offers a host of concession rental equipment such as popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, ice cream machines and even hot dog carts.

  1. Fully insured and bonded

 Free from worry, is fully insured and bonded, so you are protected at your special event.

  1. Licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs

Because of their countless years of experience, is fully licensed from the Department of Consumer Affairs to host these special events.

  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Because we are so sure of our talents, we offer a 100% money back guarantee for all parties. This allows you the assurance that your special event will be everything you expect and want without worry.

  1. Free Party Invitations

Leave the organization to the professionals. On top of all the great things we’ve mentioned already, even offers free party invitations to your guests. Allow us to do all the little things while you can simply kick back and enjoy your special event.

About is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated Kids Entertainment & Party rental company. With over 15 years of experience, they are fully licensed and insured. They are the official vendor for New York Department of Education & Licensed with the Department of Consumer Affairs. Proudly serves Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Bergen, NJ, Fairfield, CT

History Of Bounce Houses

Flash back in time to when you were a kid pulling up in your family’s station wagon for a church event or neighborhood birthday party. Remember the awe and excitement you experienced if in the front yard or parking lot there was a bounce house. Your heart leapt and you undoubtedly spent the next few hours bouncing and jumping to your heart’s content.

Inflatable bounce houses still have that effect on children today. They are an undeniable hit at any party and can entertain children for hours. Luckily, they are also much safer than the ones you bounced on as a kid. Improved standards and technology have made kids bounce houses better than ever.

The idea for bounce houses came to John Scurlock of Indiana in 1959 while he was watching his employees play on an inflatable cover for a tennis court. A mechanical engineer, Scurlock had already built inflatable domes, signs, and tents. He is also the man behind the safety air cushion employed by fire fighters and police officers to rescue people jumping from great heights. Before that moment he had never seen the purpose of inflatables for pure fun and enjoyment.

Before long, Scurlock was in the business of inflatable bounce house rentals. Branded as “Space Walk” and “Inflatable Zoo,” these inflatables for rent quickly caught on as the ultimate children’s party trend. Early issues have since been resolved. For example, the early bounce houses were not enclosed which created a significant safety hazard. Whey Scurlock and his son Frank worked to enclose them a greenhouse effect was produced making the inside of the kids bounce houses incredibly hot during the summer. In the 1970s, netted walls were introduced allowing a cool breeze to drift through the inflatable fun houses.

Now bounce house rentals for kids parties are better than ever. Beyond a simple jumping pad, bounce houses can have slides and obstacle courses. A huge assortment of themes, colors, and styles exists to fit into any themed children’s birthday party or neighborhood event.

Take for example the collection of inflatable bounce house rentals from The classic castle models exist – one in primary colors and another pink castle. In addition there is a themed bounce house for virtually every children’s storybook character, television performer, and superhero. Choose from classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, and Hello Kitty. Top off a themed Toy Story party, Backyardigans party, of Dora and Diego party with a themed bounce house. There are also inflatable bounce house rentals with themes like Disney’s Cars, Batman, Superman, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Disney Princesses.

And bounce house rentals aren’t what they used to be. Slides and obstacle courses abound in the most deluxe models. offers an exciting Double Lane Slide and a Choo Choo Train slide. Celebrate a team of little leaguers with the Batter Up inflatable or send teams of children through the Justice League Challenge obstacle course or Batman Challenge obstacle course.

History of Clowns

The Roles of Clowns throughout History –

While clowns are the highlight of many parades, circuses and carnivals, the history of clowning goes back much further. From ancient Rome and medieval times to the North American Indians, the history of clowning around can be seen throughout the ages. Today, we recognize clowns as over-the-top figures with bright make-up, crazy clothes and large foot wear; however, they didn’t always have this appearance. Understanding the history of clowns may lead you to a new appreciation of these important figures in history.

The First Clown Sightings

The history of clowns dates back to 2,400 B.C., as the first recording of clowns was found in ancient hieroglyphics in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt. It was thought that clowns served a socio-religious role as the priest often played the clown role as well. Jesters were found in 300 B.C. China under the reign of Emperor Shih Huang-Ti. In 100 AD India, clowns acted as interpreters, translating the Prakrit language to the general population.

Ancient Greece and Rome

The history of clowns in ancient Greece led to the popularization of clowns in shows. The clowns of ancient Greece were often bald headed and wore additional padding in order to appear large and chubby. Performing in plays, they would poke fun at the serious villains of the play and throw peanuts at the audience. Roman clowns also made their appearances in dramas. The Roman mime would wear a pointed hat and act out different scenes within the play, providing clown entertainment for the audience.

Middle Ages/Renaissance Times

Throughout medieval history, fools and jesters can be seen entertaining royal courts and town citizens. Their job was much more than simply collecting laughs. These ancient clowns were used to reinforce religious values as well as display cultural values to their audience. They were a catalyst for a change in social culture. In the 14th Century, the juggler and fool appeared in the tarot cards, depicting a new start and the ability to leave a safe place to discover new opportunities. This gave clowns an almost magical aura.

Native American Clowns

The history of clowns in North America is dramatically different than the history portrayed in Rome. Several North American native tribes used clowns to play a sacred function, often revealing the truth about a given situation in a comical way. Some tribes thought laughter opened up their spirits to the Gods. Clowns were also used to keep order amongst the Indians during social gatherings. Clowns, known as contraries in the Cheyenne tribe, would make tribe members laugh by doing everything contrary to the traditional way, including riding horses backwards and walking on their hands.

The Circus

 Although the circus originated in ancient Egypt and Rome, the first modern circus was introduced in 1768 by Philip Astley in England. The first clown act and was so popular that Astley hired more clowns. It then became an anticipated part of the circus for the next century. Many famous circus clowns made an appearance in circus shows across the country. Circus clowns served no higher purpose other than making the audience laugh and helping people to forget about their stress.

Through the ages, the types of clowns and the roles they have portrayed have changed significantly from culture to culture. Not only are they an important part of North American culture, but the rich history of clowning has a place in cultures around the world.