Best Characters to Book for Your Halloween Party

Spooky characters are the perfect way to liven up a Halloween party, but kid-friendly ghouls and villains can be hard to find.  Don’t worry, because we have some great character suggestions for giving your guests a safe, familiar experience with just a touch of spookiness and mystery.  Take Draculaura from “Monster High”, a studious, optimistic vegan who consumes fruits and vegetables instead of blood.

Invite a ghost to your party!

Casper, officially known as “The Friendly Ghost” is another terrific choice.  Unlike the typical creepy, expressionless ghost, Casper has a sweet, angelic face and a pleasant personality to boot.  If your child is more into cartoon characters, Scooby Doo is the ideal choice for Halloween.

How about Scooby?

Although Scooby isn’t technically a Halloween character, the cartoons usually involve Scooby and the gang running away from monsters through abandoned buildings and haunted houses. Here is a Scooby party package.

Invite a Witch!

A witch could come dressed in black, walk around and greet your guests and cackle and cast spells, creating an ambiance of spine-chilling magic!

You could put her to work and have her mix up some bewitching brews and potions (non-alcoholic, of course unless you are having an adult themed party) that would make your guests feel like they were under a spell.

She could lead spooky games and activities, like a haunted scavenger hunt or a ghostly dance contest.

She could tell creepy stories around a bonfire, complete with creepy sound effects and dramatic pauses.

She could lead a costume contest, awarding prizes to the most creative and terrifying outfits.

She could teach guests how to perfect their evil cackle or bloodcurdling scream.

Basically, she’d make your Halloween party positively, well, spine-tingling!

Here are some tips on planning a witch party.

Ready to book?

As for booking one of these characters, we recommend contacting a professional company that specializes in kid’s partie slike hires professional actors who have extensive experience working with children.  They pay special attention to details, like making sure that the costumes are child-appropriate.  

Face painting

In addition, they offer various packages for one or more characters, who will engage the children in fun activities like face painting and balloon twisting.

A face painter at a Halloween party would be a frightfully fabulous idea! Here’s some spooktacular suggestions:

Zombies: paint a gory, greenish-gray face with blackened eyes and plenty of bloody (ooey gooey) gashes.

Vampires: A seasoned face painter could apply a pale foundation and dark circles under the eyes, and add fake blood dripping from the mouth, and voilà – instant scary vampire!

Mummies: create a swirled bandage pattern using light and dark browns, adding black around the eyes for an extra creepy touch.


Along with fun activities, a Halloween party just wouldn’t be complete without tricks.  How about booking a magician, especially one with a fuzzy, live rabbit?  A magic show will help kids unwind after a series of energetic activities.  It also gives you a chance to clean up and do things like put out goody bags, or maybe just enjoy some appetizers in peace.

As you can see, there are numerous kid-friendly Halloween characters to choose from, but you will need to book them well in advance.  Most party companies require 3 to 4 weeks notice, especially for popular characters like Scooby Doo.  You may also want to ask about add-ons like cotton candy machines and bouncy castles depending on the amount of space you have.  We hope you found these tips helpful in your search for the perfect Halloween entertainment. While booking a character does take some planning, a great party act is the best way to create a truly memorable Halloween party!

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