Five Tips for Renting a Bounce House for Your Childs Party

Want to throw a Bounce House party that will be a blast for both adults and children?  Think about renting a bounce house for your end of summer bash!   Here are five tips to consider when renting a bounce house:

  1. It’s important to decide which size, type, and theme of bounce house to rent.  It’s also good to have an idea ahead of time as to how many kids will be attending.  These guidelines should be helpful:
    1. A 17×17 size will hold 10-20 children.
    2. A 21×17 size with an 18-foot slide will hold 15-30 children.
    3. An obstacle course that is 40 feet long will accommodate 30 or more children plus any adults who want in on the fun.
  2. In addition to the obstacle course-type bounce house, another type to consider is a water slide bounce house.  Also, be aware that there are a variety of colors and cartoon character themes from which to choose.  Don’t worry about being too overwhelmed with choices:  any kids who will be attending would love to help with these decisions!
  3. The next step in renting a bounce house is to find and measure a location for the bounce house.  Where is the best place to set up the bounce house?  Is there room in the backyard, or is the front or side yard a better spot?  Once you’ve determined the best place, take measurements to be sure that the bounce house you’ve selected will safely fit in that area. If you don’t have enough room outside our convenient indoor inflatable bounce houses could be a game changer! The dvantages are that their is no need to worry about bad weather ruining the party. No bugs, bees, or other creepy-crawlies to worry about and no need for tents or canopies. Just make sure you have a spacious room that is big enough for optimal bouncin’ and boppin’!
  4. A point to keep in mind is that there will be an air pump attached to the bounce house. Because of this, another tip is to be sure that you have access from an electrical outlet to the bounce house.  It may be necessary to have an extension cord on hand too, so be sure to have one just in case!
  5. Finally, once you’ve decided on the size, type, and location of the bounce house, be sure that any rocks, branches, or other objects are cleared away from your designated spot.  This way, once the bounce house arrives it can be laid out and placed on a smooth, flat surface.  This is important to keep the kids safe and to keep anything from puncturing the bounce house.

Your Labor Day Party should be fun and relaxing!  Having a bounce house at your party would not only be fun for the kids and keep them entertained, but the parents will appreciate how quickly their kids fall asleep that evening after expending all that energy!

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