5 Tips to Hiring a Real Santa Claus

The holidays are here and what are most people, especially children, looking forward to? The sight of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and his crew of elves! Santa Claus knows how to bring out everyone’s holiday spirit with his bright red outfit and joyous laughter. Hiring a professional Santa Claus for your business or holiday party will add to the festivities during this wondrous time of year.

Whether you are looking for a Santa Claus to stand and sing at your storefront to draw crowds of customers, a Santa who will listen to children’s request of what they want for Christmas, or a Santa to bring out the festivities of the season at a holiday party, there are things you should know about hiring one.

Follow these tips to hiring a Santa Claus this holiday season:

1.     Book Early
Just like the rush of holiday shopping for top gifts, there’s a rush to booking the best Santa Claus. So, if you haven’t started, start now! Book a Santa Claus or look for a Christmas party package with professional performers ready to go here.

2.     Find Real Talent
A professional Santa Claus doesn’t just look the part, he will act the part with festive singing and captivating story-telling, too! Most importantly, the Santa Claus you hire should truly believe they are Santa Claus and stay in character.

3.     Look For What’s Natural
A Santa Claus that looks the part will have as many natural features of the jolly fellow as possible, like a belly, long beard, and contagious laugh.

4.     Love of Christmas and Children
The role of a professional Santa Claus is not a job for all, but one who can exhibit a love for all things Christmas and express joy around children will make what’s a magical time of the year, a magical experience for all.

5.     Savvy with Responding to Christmas Gift Requests
No one wants to disappoint children during this joyous holiday, and a professional Santa Claus will know how to dance around requests from children so that each child feels they’ve had a personable conversation with Santa that doesn’t leave them with a false promise of what may be waiting for them under the tree for being good.

This holiday season, keep the traditions alive with the hire of a Santa Claus that knows how to bring out everyone’s holiday spirit!