Things to ask when you rent a party concession for kid’s parties

Throw a kid’s birthday party that goes beyond cake, ice cream, and party hats when you hire for children’s entertainment.  Along with the performers, clowns, magicians, and party characters, add concessions like Snow cones, cotton candy, and buttery popcorn.

Before you hire any concession rentals in New York, here are a few things to consider.

  1. How much table space do I need for the concession? Most of our concession rentals are under 3 feet (36 inches) in width and/or length. Just make sure you have a sturdy enough table for the larger concessions. Our larger popcorn machine is 35 inches wide by 33 inches deep by 6 foot high, but it comes with wheels.
  2. How many people can they feed? While kids party concessions are typically light snacks, make sure that whatever you order will be able to accommodate the whole group.  Whether you are throwing a backyard New York birthday party or a big neighborhood event, learn just how much these concessions can cover.
  3. What do you need to provide?  Find out in advance what the space requirements are so that you do not end up without any room for the popcorn cart in your living room.  Also learn any specifications regarding outlets, extension cords, and other similar requirements in advance so you can be ready.
  4. Is it a self-serve concession or one with an attendant? Most of our concession rentals come with an attendant unless organized with you the client in advance. If you are renting an all-day rental, there are is where you will need to supply an attendant. If you have any questions about needing an attendant, please call us at 516-577-0000.
  5. How long can I keep the concession for? In most cases when the concession rental comes with your party package the duration of time depends on the package that you choose. Packages start at one hour, up to four hours. We do have all-day rentals available or longer terms if needed.
  6. Who can eat it?  Make sure you know any allergy restrictions or dietary concerns so that each guest at your party will be taken care of.  The kids party equipment rental company should be able to inform you of any allergy and food concerns.
  7. Is it included in the package? Find out if the concession rental is included with your party package or if you need to add it on. All party packages (meaning if you hire a clown, a magician, princess, custom character, superhero, or bounce house) there is one concession includeed in your package. A cotton candy machine. If you want any other concessions, simply call us at 516-577-0000 for pricing and availability.

A concession stand for children’s parties is sure to delight your young party guests whether you serve fluffy cotton candy or frosty Snow cones.

Here’s why kids love concessions!

  • Children have the opportunity to closely observe their favorite treats being freshly prepared right in front of them, which is half the fun!
  • Kids can get interactive and use the machines. Kids love our donut making machine and they enjoy using it firsthand to make fluffy luscious Dough-licious treats! Kids also love pulling the handle on our ice cream machine rental.
  • The smells of the concessions wafting through the party add to the atmosphere and make everyone’s mouths water.
  • They provide a fun break from the party games and a chance for kids to refuel and re-energize.
  • They can also be themed to match the party theme, which adds an extra level of fun!
  • Concessions also provide great photo opportunities! Kids can snap pics of themselves enjoying their delicious treats, creating precious memories for years to come.
  • Having a concession at a party is like having a mini carnival right there in your backyard or venue.
  • Concessions can also help to make the party more interactive, giving kids something to do besides just sitting around and chatting. It’s like having your own personal amusement park!

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