Purim Costume Ideas for a Fun Time

There are many Jewish holidays, but Purim is one that is especially festive and fun. Parties and carnivals are often held to celebrate Purim. During this occasion, adults and children may dress up in costume as they attend events, as well as to work, school, and synagogues.

Purim is known as the “Festival of Lots.” It commemorates the day Jewish people were saved from Haman, a man who had a plot to kill all Jews. The day before Purim, fasting occurs. It commemorates the three days Esther, the Queen of Persia fasted before approaching the king to stop Haman from destroying the Jews. On Purim, people celebrate with a big meal and fun activities.

Whether you’re hosting a Purim party of your own or attending a Purim event in your local area, here are some costume ideas for a fun time.

  • Purim Characters: Dress in the character of Esther, Haman, Mordecai, or King Ahasuerus. It’ll be a great way to commemorate the people and the story behind the occasion.

  • Purim Food: Not all costumes have to be that of a person or character. Why not try dressing up as some of the food delights enjoyed during Purim? Dress up as a hamantaschen or kreplach!

  • Group Costume: Some of the best costumes are those that work as a team. Celebrate the Jewish tradition of giving mishloach manot, a traditional Purim food package. Families can dress up to parties and events as a mishloach manot by having each member represent a food item found in the package. Pick from dressing up as a wine bottle, grapes, to pastries.

  • Superheroes and Princesses: Purim celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the importance of diversity and tolerance, so let the Halloween costumes come out again whether it’s Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Snow White, Belle, or Mulan. Find a list of other fun costume characters here.

  • Evil Villains: As we commemorate Purim, the evil villain on this occasion is Haman. Costumes of evil villains can provide children the opportunity to explore good and evil in a safe way. Consider dressing up as Haman or other evil villains like the wicked witch, one of the wicked step mothers from any of the Disney fairytale stories, the Joker, or Darth Vader.

Purim is a holiday where you can creatively dress up for fun. Many of the synagogues and carnivals have Purim party ideas in place for a fun time. Many will also include Purim party entertainment for kids, so get out there and enjoy the “Festival of Lots” donned in a fun costume!