Hanukkah Easy DIY Craft Ideas

Fun holiday crafts are a great way to spend time with friends and family and to get into the holiday spirit, especially for kids. This Hanukkah, decorate your home with some easy DIY craft ideas. And if you’re hosting a Hanukkah party, there are many craft ideas that will work well for the party, too! With so many fun traditions to Hanukkah, here are some easy Hanukkah-themed craft ideas.

Washi Tape Hanukah Cards
Wish your friends and family a Happy Hanukkah with a DIY Hanukkah card. There are so many ways you can get creative with washi tape, from making a menorah, the Star of David, to the dreidel. The card can easily turn colorful with the use of different washi tape designs. Review the DIY steps from Creative Jewish Mom.

Paper Plate Menorah Using Clothespins
Some of the easiest crafts are done with paper plates and this one is no different. Kids and adults can have fun painting clothespins to stand as the candles on the paper plate menorah. This can make for a great decorative item in the kids’ corner during the holiday. Review the DIY steps from Simple Play Ideas.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher
From the Star of David to the dreidel, make suncatchers using craft sticks and blue tissue paper. Review the DIY steps from Craft Project Ideas.

Menorah Out of Craft Sticks
Craft sticks are the best, and you’ll see why once you complete this menorah craft using colored craft sticks. It’s easy enough to do together with young children or independently for school-aged children. All it takes is some glue and help cutting out the flames for the candles. Review the final product from Creative Jewish Mom.

Sand Art Menorah and Candles
Looking for a more modern look to the menorah this Hanukkah, try sand art menorah. Taking small glass jars and one larger glass jar, fill them up in colored sand. Add in a silver straw topped with a yellow ribbon to each jar and you’ll have a colorful and modern-looking menorah to display. Review the DIY steps from Parents (#3).

DIY Hanukkah garland
String together paper dreidels, stars of David, and blue and white pom-poms for a festive Hanukkah touch.

Hanukkah paper lanterns
Fold and cut paper into eight-sided lanterns and add decorations like glitter and stars.

Hanukkah centerpieces:
Arrange blue and white candles, berries, and greenery in a hurricane vase for a simple, elegant look.

Upcycle old CDs into colorful, spinning Hanukkah mobiles
Here is how to do this. Get some old CDs, paint or markers and paint each CD with a different design, color, or pattern. Then take a hole punch make make a hole in the center of each CD. String the CDs together using fishing line , thin string or thread, spacing them evenly apart. Hang the mobile from a hook or ceiling fan, and watch it spin and twinkle! Voila! You’ve got a beautiful Hanukkah decoration that’s both festive and eco-friendly!

Acorn Spinners
Children all around celebrating Hanukkah are spinning the dreidel. This holiday, get playful spinning acorns made to look like dreidels. Take acorn shells and shape a small piece of modeling clay into an elongated ball to stuff into the shell. Then, place a match stick in the center of the modeling clay. Allow for it to dry before letting the spinning action begin. This craft was featured on Parents (#11).

Here are a few more cool ideas!

  • Create your own unique paper dreidels using colorful paper and markers
  • Make a “Menorah Madness” garland by stringing together mini menorahs made out of pipe cleaners or felt
  • Turn empty toilet paper rolls into mini-Hanukkah gelt (chocolate coin) containers
  • Use glitter and stickers to decorate plain candles for a glitzy Hanukkah centerpiece.

Prep your celebration for Hanukkah with these creative, fun, and easy DIY craft ideas!

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