6 Tasty Ways to Serve Kreplach at Your Purim Party

When celebrations begin for Purim, kreplach is one of the traditional food items you can expect to see served during the holiday meal. Kreplach is like dumplings. Dough is filled with ground meat, chicken, vegetarian or dairy filling. Sometimes kreplach may be served with soup, while other times it may be baked or fried as a separate dish. So, to serve your Purim party goers with tasty kreplach this holiday, you’ll want to try your hand at some new recipes.

It may be a busy time where you are planning Purim party ideas and looking into Purim party entertainment for kids, but you can find ease knowing there are so many tasty ways you can serve kreplach to your guests with these recipe ideas!

  1. Baklava Kreplach: Serve them as an appetizer or dessert. The nutty and sticky sweet flavors of baklava will please all your guests. Review the recipe at Joy of Kosher.
  2. Turkey and Greens Kreplach: Kreplach filled with turkey meat and chopped greens are easy ingredients to come by and when served with soup, there is warmth and comfort to be felt by all. Review the recipe at Food Flavor Fascination.
  3. Cherry Kreplach: The sweet and tart taste of cherries make a great way to serve kreplach. Review the recipe at Cook It Simply.
  4. Cheese Kreplach: If you prefer your kreplach baked instead of fried or served in a soup, give this recipe using cottage cheese a try. Review the recipe at Recipe of Health.
  5. Sweet Potato-Stuffed Kreplach: Sweet potatoes are a comfort food and so fitting to stuff in your kreplach. Review the recipe at The Splendid Table.
  6. Smoked Salmon Kreplach: If you enjoy fish and like your kreplach crisp, this is the dish for your table. Review the recipe at Fresh Milwaukee.

Purim is a much more relaxed holiday compared to some other Jewish holidays. Have a fun time planning your Purim party festivities and these tasty kreplach dishes!